Nur ul Ilm Institute – Terms and Conditions for course registration / participation

The present terms and conditions apply to all course registrations – if done electronically over our web site, by sending us course registration form, in person in our office or over the phone.

Course registration fee – a fee of AED 50/- (Course Registration Fee) is applicable for registering for the course. This fee is for registration processing and is non-refundable under any circumstances. The admission will not be considered until Nur ul Ilm Institute receives the Course Registration Fee.

Course participation fee – upon receipt of Course Registration Fee and other applicable documents / information, Nur ul Ilm Institute will review the application for course admission. Once admission is granted it will be confirmed to the participant along with the applicable fees (Course Participation Fee) and payment schedule. Notwithstanding anything contained, Nur ul Ilm Institute reserves the right to not grant admission to any participant without assigning any reason thereof.

Participants obligation – participants take the obligation to follow, within the courses, the conventional standards of business ethics as well as common applicable dress code standards.

Payment – upon receipt of registration form / grant of admission, Nur ul Ilm Institute will issue an invoice. All Nur ul Ilm Institute bank account details will be provided on the invoice. Available modes of payments include bank transfer, online payment, cash and cheque payments.

Changes to a course – even though best efforts are made not to make any changes to courses or programs, Nur ul Ilm Institute reserves the right to partially modify at its discretion the course & program content or change its date, trainer or location if, despite best efforts, conditions oblige to do such modifications, or such changes are required for improvements of course or other elements of learning environment.

Cancellation and refund – cancellation requests for courses (separate or being part of a program) shall be done by participants in written form only. AED 50/- fee will apply for processing the refund. Refund will only be provided if such request is received at least one week prior to the course start date. No refund is provided in case refund request is made within one week of course start date or if participant is absent from the course. Refunds can be done only to account of a participant or over cheque issued to the participant.

Cancellation by Nur ul Ilm Institute – notwithstanding anything contained in these terms and conditions, Nur ul Ilm Institute reserves the right to cancel a course at any time or cancel a participant’s admission at any time without assigning any reason thereof. Full refund of Course Participation Fee will be provided in such cases where applicable.

Attendance certificate – a certificate of course or program attendance is awarded to participants who have completed / attended complete training as well as participated in the practice sessions.

Suggestions & Complaints – all suggestions and complains shall be sent to us electronically to our administrative department whereby we send our response to all communication of this type in the shortest applicable time.

Sanctioned persons or countries – Nur ul Ilm Institute cannot provide any type of services to persons or companies from (or associated with) countries being in the UAE and international sanctions lists.

Intellectual property – all education materials provided to our courses and programs to participants can be used for training and educational purposes only and cannot be reproduced or shared without obtaining the Nur ul Ilm Institute’s written consent. Photo and video shooting as well as audio recording at the courses by course participants are not permitted.

Force majeure – Nur ul Ilm Institute shall not be deemed liable for any breach or non-fulfilment of its obligations if these are resulted by any cause such as fire, explosion, any type of natural disasters, emergencies, strikes, or any other causes, happenings, and events being outside of the influence and control of Nur ul Ilm Institute.

Applicable law – any type of disputes and its settlements are to be handled in accordance with the applicable laws and regulatory framework of the UAE.

Terms & conditions – present terms & conditions may be updated or changed to be in line with applicable requirements and professional standards. In the case of such updates or changes, these would become effective from the date of its publishing on our web site.